The type of work we do, and what we've done.

darrinscott studios is all about designing and building simple, useable, and attractive interfaces for web sites that account for speed, file size, readability and accessibility — using web standards.

Web Standards

darrinscott studios is built on a foundation of web standards — valid, structured code to produce web pages that will look great on modern browsers yet still functional and useable on older ones. Utilizing web standards leads to real results:

  • Decreased bandwidth and server space
  • Faster page loading
  • Improved accessibility to all browsers and media devices (including those with disabilities)
  • Increased separation of presentation layer code from content
  • Lower costs in site maintenance
  • Simplified updating of look and feel


List of services we offer:

  • Interface Design — Designing and building web interfaces and templates using web standards.
  • Web Site Redesign — If you're looking to move your existing site to a CSS-based layout.
  • Markup and Style Optimization — Simplify code to improve speed, lower costs and make your site more structurally sound.
  • Presentations — A well-designed, animated, interactive presentation can speak volumes about your image and product.
  • Consultation — Help with interface strategies, CSS suggestions, XHTML structure, including training.